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    Silicone Seals

       Silicone Strip:Silicone seal  is a special rubber , which  has excellent electrical insulation properties, aging resistance, chemical stability, anti-oxidation weathering resistance, resistance to radiation, with physical inertia, good air permeability, high temperature resistance It can be used as good electrical insulation and sealing liquid transport material in airspace, electronics, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food and other industrial sectors.

    Silicone Sealing Strip

    Product details:

    Product silicone rubber seal
    Brand Name Guangte
    Place Of Origin China
    Material silicone rubber
    Color black,white, red, yellow,blue,or as your need
    Elasticity 35-75 Shaw degrees
    Breakdown voltage 20-25KV/mm
    Hardness 30-80 durometer
    Temperatrue Range -80°C to 280°C
    Application chemical, medicine, food, electron and machinery industries
    Feature *smooth, transparent, elastic , nontoxic and odorless
    *ozone resistant, ultraviolet radiation resistant, temperature resistant
    *low resilience(no more than 50% when it is200°C for 48 hours)
    Type All types and dimentions available

    The product specifications and colors may according to customers' order.

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    Welcome to send us sample or drawing, we can statisify all the demand in chemical with all kinds of acid-resistand, physics with specifications, higher temperature-resistant, wear-resistand, wind-resistant, and different styles, elasticity, hardness, color etc. We assure to you our quality products with competitve price and goods service. 
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