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    Compsite Rubber Seal Strips

      Rubber seal with steel inside
              Soft and hard compounded strip, made of PVC, ABS, PE, PP, PS, PC, TPE and special modified engineering plastics by means of double color extrusion of manifold plastic, is widely used in such industries as household electric appliance, lamps, auto parts, crafts gifts, daily products and building machinery.
             Soft hard compound sealing strip is a silicone rubber production and become, has a transparent, smooth appearance, soft and elastic, non-toxic tasteless, high resistance to low temperature (80 ℃ to 280 ℃), and not easy ageing, not deformation, mild acid and alkali resistance. In the resistance to ozone, solubility, has also has good electrical insulation performance
            Our principle is producing the products based on customers drawing, requirement or sample they sent. So we can produce all dimensions of seals according to your requirement with good quality and competitive price